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The Difficult Journey to Freedom

How can we be free? There is no doubt that we all want to be free in life. In the writing journey of one of my previous sharing on “the ultimate freedom – freedom in heart”, my pondering thoughts arrived at the understanding of the importance of spiritual freedom, which transcend the body limits. Upon
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Learning Empathy: Why Do We Need It?

Empathy is an important element for the fulfillment of one putting self into another, hence its significant role in good interpersonal relationships. In counseling learning, all teaching approaches from the various disciplines agree on the key to the building therapeutic relationship as the therapist’s empathy – the awareness of the feelings, meaning of words of
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Explore Our Innerness

Yesterday I was thrown temper by a friend. I was feeling ok. Later I could not control myself and yelled at a family member over lunch. Am I split into two persons? Or I am just being the “Me”. Yet not many people can see all our sides. Some only see the “pretty” moments of
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