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When Do We Find True Love?

“This is how I see a relationship is. Imperfect and real. We are in all sorts of different imperfect relationships. The question is whether we choose to embrace them.” The Imperfect Relationships, the Imperfect Love  In the rational sense, there is no true love in this world. I come across with a common expression of
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The Imperfect Relationships

Everyone likes things in a good and nice way. In relationships, we seek for the different means towards shared happiness, for the best memories created – like an exciting party, a romantic night, or a fascinating family trip. For us, the good times and strong happy bonds seem the “right” thing we should have in
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Exploring on the Imperfect

For many of us, photography is one of the realest and sophisticated way of illuatrating beauty. Many seek the different styles and skills to create, or recreate the beauty of fronting view. I also like to capture certain inspiring moments in terms of photograpby. They help convey my feelings and thoughts in a different yet
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