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Sep 26, 2017

Captured Moment Series – 32

A garden needs the continuous nurturing and delicate care. So as our inner selves. #nature #naturephotography #garden #quiet #inspiration #daily #dailymotivation #motivation #motivationalquotes #nurturing #green #photography #photooftheday #sharing #empower #empowerment #inspire #red #mindful #self #positivevibes #positivethinking #humanity #beopenminded #mindfulness #empathy #respect #meditate #transquility

Sep 20, 2017

Captured Moment Series – 29

Weather is like our moods – constantly changing and unpredictable. But as the weather is unchangable, we can choose to change our moods. Add a bit of positivity. Instill something hopeful among the negatives. Do something enjoyable and give ourselves a treat. Give ourselves space to quiet down, recharge and recover. And even weather cannot
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Captured Moment Series – 27

A simple word ‘Tea’ can be embedded with multiple meanings. For the English people, the word only reminds them of English breakfast with milk and sugar. In China, the word only provokes further questioning as people are required to give specific tea names ranging from oolong, pu’er to jasmine, etc. Be open to differences. Anything
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Nature and the Man Kind

There is a reason we call nature “Our Mother Nature”. It provides life, energy sources, across the whole Earth Lifespan. As God says, let us rule over the life creatures on Earth. We can manage lives in a way we make good use of them, and at the same time we manage them well. Yet
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Acceptance and Respect

Communication is an interesting thing. We communicate, because we live together as social beings. We interact, we share, and we support each other. And at the same time we are unique human beings that we hold on to our beliefs of our individuality. In our interaction with the others, we may find the commonality, but
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