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Stand Up Better

Under adversity, we all have the different negativity. For those under depression, the failure allows one to value the true meaning of happiness. For those under frustration, the mistake is a learning of letting go. For those who feel disappointed and rejected, it’s time to try again with the additional essence of patience. Those who
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Understanding Our Masks

Mask in Our Lives It is easy for us to put on a mask in the complex social world. A student whom I interacted with today shared with me her habit of wearing different masks in the different setting. This student comes from a complicated family background which has caused her defensive and distrustful attitude
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The Beginning

The Beginning, the End of the Beginning Beginning reflects the different moments. I invite you to read my article sharing on beginning as such rich and colorful life moments. (http://www.depressionhealth.net/beginnings-how-we-can-start-over/)

Published Article – The Beginning

*Inspirational Thinking on “Beginning”* . A few weeks ago I received an invitation e-mail from Depression Health Network on becoming a guest writer on inspirational thinking. In less than a week I arrived at the moment of writing my first article. I decide to this such “beginning point” as an inspiration to make it my
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The Difficult Journey to Freedom

How can we be free? There is no doubt that we all want to be free in life. In the writing journey of one of my previous sharing on “the ultimate freedom – freedom in heart”, my pondering thoughts arrived at the understanding of the importance of spiritual freedom, which transcend the body limits. Upon
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Love is Kind.

Kindness is one’s great virtue. Goodness is produced out of kind words, acts and beliefs. The kindness in relationship is even more complex, especially the long ones. As fondness fades, soon the harder and more ignored kindness in the relationship, especially the frustrating, disappointing and saddening ones. And that is indeed the reason we continue
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Love is Patient.

When love comes easy, we enjoy the happiness as coming along. We grow comfortably with the presence of such fondness of love, that it slowly gets taken for granted.   Indeed in real life, perhaps that is the reason we never experience the perfect love – from imperfectness, we learn to be patient, and truly
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