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Mar 13, 2021
Sep 20, 2020
Sep 12, 2020
Aug 31, 2020
Jun 10, 2020
Jun 10, 2020

How are Psychological Therapy and Personal Therapy different?

Personal Therapy is for Traineees or qualified psychological professionals who seek for personal growth. The term personal therapy means ‘to personally experience therapy’. It was developed in the counselling & psychotherapy field, as counselors, psychotherapists or psychologists in training are required to attend ‘personal therapy’ before they become qualified to provide the same service for
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Jun 8, 2020

Daily Inspiring Quote

‘All things in the world are put into two groups – they are ‘instantly understood’ or cannot be ‘instantly understood’. If we approach those things which can be instantly understood,understanding goes on in the heart.We however need to repeatedly encounter things we cannot instantly understand,so that we can bit by bit comprehend,and allow learning transcend
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Jun 7, 2020