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Sep 24, 2017

Captured Moment Series – 30

Showing our support to the society/world can be in both the big and small ways. From the heated forums, statistical figures/ facts to creative art, there is no ‘the best’ method. It is how the messages, in different forms of communication, can truly reach and connect the diverse groups of people. And we are led
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Sep 22, 2017

On facing disappointment

We are never on a smooth uprising path. There are moments when we face disappointment, ignorance, rejections or any form of adversity. We taste the bitterness and wish we did not try things in the first place. And yet life is about tasting all the different flavors. It’s time for us to embrace the bitter
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Captured Moment Series – 26

The more we know about the people around the world, the greater empathy, warmth, respect and connection we feel towards those we previously did not take notice of. When we extend our understanding to those who have experienced real sufferings, then we are more compelled to help with actual actions. #nature #naturephotography #environment #sky #skyline
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