Support each other in the new year 2019

Jan 3, 2019

Support each other in the new year 2019

Looking ahead of the year 2019,
not everyone must be hopeful or optimistic.

The year forward seems endless, and some get stressed out.
Many more may still feel like carrying the hard burden and heavy weight from the last year,
and feel at the edge rather than being refreshed.

We are not alone.
We are all standing on the edge and are afraid we would fall.
Look around and we see there is not just a cliff.
Many others stand in their own cliffs.
Sometimes we just need to look around,
take a step back and walk towards each other.

Solidarity is the key to self-courage.
Then we can leap forward and fly.

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3 Comments for “Support each other in the new year 2019”
  1. Whenever a new year rings in, I’m always very excited. I know there’s 365 days involved, and that some may be a bit hard to take. However, I carry both hope and optimism into the year with me. I’m not much for hanging out on cliffs, but if I see someone standing too close, I’m happy to call out to them, and ask if there’s some way I can help. Not everyone wants to be supported, but for those who do, I’m happy to be of service.

    1. Thank you for your sharing. This is empowering to know your beliefs, positivity and caring acts. I believe this should be more shared out, because there are indeed so many places where people do feel worn out, hopeless and isolated, and that the world doesn’t listen to them.

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