Sugar Helps with Brain Work

Sugar Helps with Brain Work

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Sugar helps with Brain work!

When we are so obsessed with diet and fitness, let us rather have an enjoyable and balanced eating habit.

Surely there is a good side of sugar. Sugar is an absolutely good energy giver for the brain work, especially after the long sleep per night.

It is particularly good to take in sugar in the morning (breakfast), such that our brian can recover and function better, and so the rest of the day goes well. “A good start of the day makes the day.”

For those who are strict in dieting, I think it is ok, and sugar can actually be benefitial to our bodies. What we shall watch out is not the high level of sugar, but what goes together with it – fat, oil, the artifical elements like coloring and additives. Also be aware of the sugar take in time – try the morning, and avoid the night when our bodies are ready for rest.

So lets start the day with some good sugary food! In Hong Kong and Macau, apparently the cultural food, Egg Tart, is particularly tasty. Its sweet and smooth egg top, with the crispy bread paste are what people love so much about it. I love to share with the others such great culture of my home.

What is your favorite sugary food of the day?

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