Step Aside

Step Aside

Step Aside_July 28 2015

One time as I went shopping with a friend. At some point, I stopped at some point and decided that I wanted to go to the washroom.

We looked around for the toilet signs. Nil.

So we took action to search for the signs. We walked to a dead end with nothing, so I went to ask one of the staff. Surprisingly the staff gave me direction to the reversing route we original came from. Hesitantly we walked back, only to find the toilet sign on top of the spot right where we first stopped at.

That time the signs were right above us, and we hadn’t got a clue. Instead, we were busy looking around. Only if we would have stepped aside, and looked again, we would have found the sign.

The whole incident happened within no more than 10 minutes, yet it left me quite an impression. I relate the moment of realization to the many life moments as I keep on running and chasing, and still cannot find the answer which has stayed with me for the whole time.

Sometimes, under the chaotic mess, the light is just right there within us.
Only we pause and put aside all the pulled strings and burdens, then our hands are free to hold the light of hope.

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