Stand Up Better

Stand Up Better

Stand Up Better_May 02 2015

Under adversity, we all have the different negativity.

For those under depression, the failure allows one to value the true meaning of happiness.

For those under frustration, the mistake is a learning of letting go.

For those who feel disappointed and rejected, it’s time to try again with the additional essence of patience.

Those who are hopeless, the hardship is the reminder of light coming out from darkness.

Those who are under pain, pain stimulates our every sense, and so it more deeply imprints on our memory paths, letting us taste it in real.

Those who are traumatized, time is a great healer, and what matters is there is someone nearby.

It is because of the down side, that the realness of love, hope and virtues stands out.

Time passes, and soon the pain of the fall will go away.

And yet the changed is our hearts, and the beauty of the gained positivity.

We take in all the positivity, which internally becomes our power to stand up again.

And we stand up better, because we are the changed us.

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