Stand up against Violence

Aug 13, 2019

Stand up against Violence

I work in a forensic mental health service.
My patients are offenders/ex-offenders who continue to be locked in the mental health institutional system.
They pay for their physical and sexual violence casted on the others, and the severe mental health carried with them.

Many of my friends and even peer psychologists tell me, ‘I can’t work with criminals. This is something I will never engage with in life.’
The place I work at is a complete different world from the society. My work is more than working with severe mental disorders like schizophrenia or personality disorders.
I navigate between lies, multiple faces, underlying bullying and deceit among the patients.
Yet there is where my passion lies on.

I never forget that I can feel safe to work in the system because of the whole system in place.
Afterall it is not nothing I deal with people who have raped, severely harmed or killed someone.
These patients’ risks and violence are well contained in such environments and security. That’s why we psychologists are bound to stand side by side with the criminal system.

Why am I saying this?
It hurts me so much that I become lost to see where the light lies in Hong Kong.
I guess if I lose faith in the police and the forensic system, I lose sight of the root of my values and beliefs in my work.
This is the most scary thing which can happen to me. However, there is always one fundamental line we never can put aside – we have to stand up against violence, no matter whether we are civilians, psychologists or the police.

No matter what, even one can be the most ‘professional’ psychologist or researcher, he or she cannot be fully objective.
At the end of the day, we can never fall from the edge of morality, the fundamental block of humanity.
We stand up against violence.
If peace and love is being put aside, that’s the end of a city’s future.

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