Spontaneity: Embrace the Uncertainities

Spontaneity: Embrace the Uncertainities


I have recently learnt that being spontaneous is no easy job. One time I was out with a friend and I decided to stop planning and just go with spontaneity.

There were several times when my hands reached for the mobile for time checking, or my constant blunt question “what to do next”, then I reminded myself I did not want to let time and tasks control my enjoyment of what I was engaged in.

Then we found into a small western styled restaurant during our walk, and got fascinated by the “amazing gift” we naturally encountered – the cozy environment, the sufficient light penetrating into the room, and the lightful reflection by the crafted table.

Such amazing feeling we gained was simply genuine and real. I told myself this was the small demonstration of the spontanous being, and a bit of empowerment on the spontaneous thinking and feeling.

Particularly in Hong Kong, this hustle and bustle city in where people stage everything for the controlled result and efficient outcome, let us add this bit of genuineness in life.

Learn to let go, and embrace the uncertainities.

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