Spice Up Our Lives

Spice Up Our Lives


There are different kinds of spices across the diverse countries. In China, particularly, people from 23 provinces have undergone the local cultural development of generating the unique flavors and tastes.

This photo was taken in a Yunnan supermarket in which I was fascinated to find the different big pots of food spices and side dishes – so much red, and so many different kinds of red. Sour, sour sweet; spicy,spicy sweet; salty, salty spicy…

Spices are certainly a “spice up” of our lives. It adds in, richens, and stimulates the better experience in eating, smelling, texture.

I have recently taken time to explore the different spices around me, from the food flavors, to even the smell, and even what I see.

How about a spice up in our daily life?

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