Sometimes we do go an Extra Mile to learn how to REST

Sometimes we do go an Extra Mile to learn how to REST

The wisdom of life can be simple – make a balance between work and rest.
Yet it’s always easier said than done.

When we overwork, we drive ourselves away from having some time on our own.
We tend not to listen to our needs –
spend time without goals, tasks or responsibilities.
find our own ways to relax and rest…

Sometimes we become those who lose in touch of our natural calling to rest.
We even have to take an extra mile to cool down ourselves,
to the extent that we have to give up what we currently focus on.

And yet we do need this cool down period so that we can actually learn the real meaning of focus.
We learn to be aware of our connections between our bodies, minds and emotions.
We learn to listen to the different thoughts inside us.
We become mindful of what we truly think and feel.

In the last few months, I listened to my voice of tiredness and exhaustion and decided to leave my blog for a while.
It was a hard decision, as I have been committed to this space for 3 years of time. Writing has become a part of my life which was much more than a task or a job. No matter working or in holiday, I always kept on writing and looking for inspiration. My sense of passion was my drive, telling me I had to keep this work on.

One day as I told myself I wanted a break, I suddenly felt a long pull of exhaustion, circulated within my body and mind. It was not just the physical tiredness, but more the psychological drainage. I realized that my break meant much more than a day off. I needed a complete rest. A time when I could switch off the usual mentality of working, working and working. A way which would be much more than doing any resting activity, rather that I had to learn ‘my own right way’ to rest, to be mindful, be connected with the innerness, and be free.

And that rest turned out to be a very useful time for me to recharge.
It turned out to be a productive means for me to be mindful and aware.
And I now return with happiness and acceptance of the upcoming things.

Find our ways to rest.


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