Small Act of Giving, the Big Empowerment

Small Act of Giving, the Big Empowerment


I had to meet a friend of mine after work a few days ago for personal business. I was slightly delayed due to work and had to hurry in my traveling journey.

Upon arrival at the meeting point, I was never at ease – my mind was occupied with the thought of me breaking of punctuality.

Then my friend handed me a plastic bag. And inside was a small pretty rasberry cake. My mind was immediately refilled with positivism. Such feeling stayed with me for the whole night, and saturated within me till now.

I learn how such small act of caring can bring the magical and much longer change in heart. It brings out our deep resonating love, care and warmth.

Sometimes a few words can change the mind of a person, and his choice of future path.

Sometimes a hug can give days of strength of a persisting person to hold on to the belief.

And the spirit of this ‘small’ may be passed on from one to another. And so I take this warmth of care, love and support with me, and I share my love with hope.

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