Short Story: The Broken Teapot

Short Story: The Broken Teapot


One time I found this short Chinese inspirational story and I thought it would be good for sharing. 

(Translation done by me) 
There is this man who has an exquisite clayed teapot.
The man loved his treasure item so much that he placed it on the bedside cabinet.
One night, he accidentally dropped the lid on the floor.

Tired and irritated, the man thought,
“Without a lid,
how can the teapot be useful?â€
And then he threw the remained piece out of the window.

The next morning, the man found the lid
intact on his slipper.
The man became resentful,
stepped on the lid, and crushed it.

Then as the man left the house,
he found the thrown teapot
hanged intact on one of the tree branches…

Sometimes things are worth waiting for.
Slow down,
look around,
take a pause.

Things are not always as you think they are.
Patience is a virtue.

May this short story bring meaning to you.

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