Separation: Glimpses of Love

Separation: Glimpses of Love


Recently my family has sent one close family member off at the international airport in where he would fly back to resume the studies after the Christmas break. Another half a year absence from home.

I was initially indifferent towards the family member’s departure, since it was not the first year he was away from home. Or probably more as I have personally experienced the same situations for years. It was until I saw the parents stand near the depature gate, eyes fixated at their child just for the last few glimpses, then their missing feelings were channeled to me.

No matter how many times the person has traveled, no matter how long the person leave home, the parents always get emotional as seeing their son or daughter leave away from them.

Even as the children grow up, even the sons/daughters mature, the parents never fail to feel difficult, missing and worried getting separated from their children.

Afterall its the son/daughter who they have supported for years.
It is the person who they have pondered their love and care in.
It is the individual who stands as the evidence of years of time spent and experienced together.

I witnessed this small act of separation, which reflects the great deep parental love.

And it warms me.

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