Sail On (Poem inspired by the song of Honor, by Hans Zimmer)

Sail On (Poem inspired by the song of Honor, by Hans Zimmer)

A few days ago I was listening to a soundtrack Orchestral song “Honor” by Han Zimmer which sent me to an emotional and spiritual empowerment journey.
I listened to the song at one of my low moments, as I felt helpless and suffocated. I could not find a release to express my unreasonable frustrations and needs for others’ unconditional support to help me up. Through the melody played, the unique harmonious scene twined by the different instruments, I was healed. 
I am ready to move on. 
Along the musical lines I conveyed my feelings into the poem of words. I invite you to read my poem along the music, hoping it brings a shed of light into your day.
Honor, by Hans Zimmer (click to listen to the music on YouTube)

Sail On

The horn resounds through the harbor.
I look up and know I am being called.
I stand upstill on board.
I am ready.
The vessel heads forward to the deep ocean blue. 
My quickening heartbeat resonates with the accelerating speed of sail.
I climb across the squared rigged mast to the top of vessel.
The image of the land blurs and diminishes
into the merging layers of blue.
I close my eyes
and feel the gentle caress of the breeze.
I am sailing on. 
I am moving forward, 
and I move with determination and courageous heart. 
Along the deep rumbling resonating engine sounds, 
I fly into the sky
so beautifully
so fearlessly.
The barque makes its ram with the big rock. 
It hits my heart bursting with braveness and power.
Splashing waves hit onto my face 
yet it does not cover the penetrating yell of pride.
I fight hard.
I fight hard against the shaking barque,
against the shadows, the darkness of soul.
My spirit breaks the limits of boundaries.
I fear no more.
The second strike approaches
before the third arrives. 
I sing in the orchestral play of the ocean.
I am free. 
by Tiffany Leung

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