Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Sai Kung, Hong Kong


Someone sent me this breaktaking scenary photo last week for sharing. This photo was taken on top of a hill next to the shore area in SaiKung, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a city consisting islands from various sizes. Due to its geographical location at the China coasted area, the city is surrounded by the beautiful seascapes. A few steps away from the modern city hub of neon lights, you arrive at the restless nature life.

I am a born and raised in Hong Kong local, yet I never cease to be amazed everytime as seeing the different rich natual scenic spots in this small yet such dynamic and diverse place.

And it is all in this one place, Hong Kong.
Within even one of the smallest places, we find its different layers, and through our willingness to explore it, we integrate everything into our own unique living experiences in this place.

This is our living city, and we are in this dynamic and interconnected relationship with it.

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