Reflecting on 2014, and looking forward to 2015.

Reflecting on 2014, and looking forward to 2015.


“You may not go back to make a new beginning, yet you can always start now to create a new ending.”                – Common Wisdom

“Where are you heading off to celebrate?”

“Do you have anywhere to go?”

“Will you stay until countdown?”

These are the questions I have been hearing about on Dec 31, 2014. On the last day of year 2014, I was not surprised to find many who were attracted to the fun and fancy outdoor environments, particularly within the Hong Kong modern and sophisticated hub. Across the city, there were the different countdown celebrations getting ready in the different shopping malls, from the local residential areas, to the central touristic zones.

Under the colorful spotlights and rich surrounding sounds, I wonder the true meaning of 2014 farewell. It is easy for us to let the special night add in a bit of fun, particularly a one-year-a-time night on which most people stayed on the outside with the thousands of others to yell out “Happy New Year”. I have learnt from some who used the night to party with the others – club, pub, party, or karaoke, you name them. The last night has become one other night for indulgence.

What does it mean to spend the last day of a year? For me, on such day, the glimpses of the past memories, both the good and the bad times, arose on my mind. While I was pleased with what have made me happy and satisfied, my mind went more to the negative and depressing things and people. No matter what, it is indeed essential that we face everything which has happened to us – the exciting and glorious, or the fearful/painful happenings. Only as we face them then we can truly let go all of them.

And then I moved forward the new 2015, a brand new year. My feelings were with wonders and newness, yet also in a sense of unfamiliarity and strangeness. I am perhaps holding the heart of anticipation and curiosity, yet I find more muddled within the emotions of avoidance, fear and hesitation. No matter what, what we face ahead us would always be the to-be-filled blank papers of our own. Only as we make clear of who we are, and what we want before we are able to paint out the own colors.

From the inevitable unshakable past, to the unknowns of the future, let us take time to reflect on our timeline.

Accept who we are, for we have already done what was done in the past.

Be certain of who we are, as it is only the clear us who can decide the future, and how we can change.

And be who we are, because it is always us, the only us who will walk our own journeys.

I hold warmth and hope in embracing this new year.

Now, within these first few days of the New Year 2015, I take this time to send my best wishes and empowerment to you.

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