Pray for Gaza-Israel, MH17, Ukraine-Russia

Pray for Gaza-Israel, MH17, Ukraine-Russia

mh17_dutch_embassyI was in a conversation yesterday with people regarding the conflicts in Russia-Ukraine and Gaza-Israel. There was heated discussion over the Russian organization’s dehumanizing acts of removing the bodies. However, along the discussion, I became disheartened at how the sharing focuses were more on finding the truth of those hidden facts and “mystery”. At certain point I brought up the Gaza-Israel, and then the conversation gradually went to an end.

Perhaps it is the fact that those who have not directly experienced war cannot smoothly inject self into the hardships, seemingly non-ending hatred and terror of Gaza-Israel. Rather traveling by plane is a common act, thus more people would like to take time thinking about it, because one would easily wonder what happens if he/she were the passenger.

I hope that instead of knowing more details and catching up with the “updates”, we can focus more on our time on thinking about the actual experiences of the people. This is the step we take to connect with them.


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