Political Movement in Hong Kong

Jun 20, 2019

Political Movement in Hong Kong

Currently Hong Kong is under political turmoil due to the proposed amendment of expedition law.
Many citizens are alarmed of their safety if this law is formally in place.

Hong Kong and the Mainland China currently hold the separately different legal and legislative systems.
Hong Kong, a semi autonomous city, enjoys freedom of speech and several human rights.
The amendment of expedition law arguably suggests the tightened political collaboration between Hong Kong government and the Mainland China.
However what the problem is, a law is a law, but it is run by people.
Especially people with power.
For many Hong Kong people,
the law implies political invasion by the Central Chinese Government on their rights.

On Jun 12, over 1 million people joined the mass protest to express their opposition to this law.
On Jun 16, nearly 2 million people went onto the street.
This event has caused postponement of implementation of the law for now.
However the turmoil goes on.

Many frictions have been caused among citizens themselves.
The police has been a main target to be blamed by the public as they maintained order and safety during the protests.
They were accused to use extreme force to control innocent citizens.
However, more now is revealed that this may come from the biased media content.
Misunderstanding and misconception is spoken in the local as well as overseas regions.

Polarized views have been expressed and acted out.
Anger has fueled immediate social actions as well as interpersonal segregation.
Disputes occur among strangers, acquaintances, friends and even within the closed family circles.

The movement goes on,
but more healing work needs to be done.
In order for social movement to be sustained,
wellbeing of individuals and the city itself needs to be looked at.

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