Meet Our Dedicated Team

Corimus team is marked by its compassionate approach (first) and (equally) professionalism. We believe in the core values of human connection and it is our mission to create a more caring and compassionate community. 
Dr. Tiffany Leung (Main Psychologist, Coach and Trainer)

Hi! 你好! I’m Tiffany. I lead Corimus services in therapy, coaching, consultation and professional training.

On the reflective note, I value my accumulated therapy/work experiences which I believe have relevantly contributed to my high standard of work, i.e. which/how/what skills and knowledge practitioners use at the ‘right’ moments & with the right people.

  • My years of experiences working in a specialized mental health service has helped me find my passion in working with resistance, stuckness and lack of motivation. I walk with you through this dark path towards the end of the tunnel.
  • I am an ethnic minority individual in the UK. I take pride in my work to support and advocate EQUAL ACCESS to services particularly among individuals/groups from ethnic minotiry/BAME backgrounds. I am a great supporter of culturally sensitive therapy. I have worked in different settings, countries, and diverse groups of clients/patients.
  • After 10 years of work experiences, I still firmly believe in building a strong and trustful relationship with the clients as the main key to positive changes.
  • Clients remember me the most as a person, not my ‘professionalism’. I invest sufficient time and effort into shaping my personal qualities such as kindness, compassion, respect for others and empathy.
  • I regularly commit to exploring and overcoming limitations of my mindsets, unconscious bias, and beliefs. I keep on learning, and I learn with the clients together too.

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I am a UK HCPC accredited counseling psychologist, life coach and clinical supervisor. I received all my psychology and counseling qualifications in the UK.

Where are you from?
I was born in Hong Kong China, a melting pot of the East & West. I love traveling and connecting with people from all walks of life. After passing my clinical training in University of Manchester, I continue to explore meanings of diversity and equality in this city. I highly value my bicultural experiences and ensure my work is delivered with cultural sensitivity.

What are your work experiences?
I work in the NHS and specialize in forensic inpatient mental health. I have over 10 years of counseling/therapy experiences in the UK and Hong Kong.

I have also worked with different client groups/issues and a range of settings, including college counseling, ethnic minority groups, Chinese international students, HIV charity, acute inpatient mental health, personality disorder inpatient care, work based mental health, parents of SEN students, financial education community program.

Any other interests?
I am also an honorary lecturer in the University of Manchester on Intercultural Public health and Chinese mental health. In the last four years, I have led innovative projects on mainstreaming mental health/wellbeing among Chinese populations in the UK. Recently I have been enjoying in creating content on food and wellbeing on Instagram!i