Corimus: A Walk of Growth.

(by Dr. Tiffany Leung,
Psychologist, Coach & Clinical supervisor)

Corimus philosophy is the set of beliefs which drive Corimus services. It comes from what we wholeheartedly adopt in our clinical work, in Corimus, and our own personal life.

We come from different backgrounds; we have different personalities and interests. Yet we all have   three things in common in life:

We want to throw away problems we cannot shake off from.
We want to fulfill our aspirations.
And we all want to be happy.

The world has interestingly categorized these common beliefs into Three Rigid Boxes:

  1. A problem is not a problem, until we are already in a severe and uncontrollable state; that is often when we are given a mental health label. Otherwise, we don’t get help and try to stay away from mental health as possible.
  2. Privileged people own the world’s successful stories. Goals and aspirations can only be attained when we become overachievers and are problems free.
  3. Societies teach us happiness is defined by materialism, fame and power. Even we are not happy, we believe we cannot be free from modern slavery.

In our work with you, we work to reverse these beliefs and life patterns led by such beliefs.      We do not have to look at mental health as a problem. We CAN all find our own successes and still feel in control and not judged. We CAN be imperfect and happy at the same time.

Growth is a mental workout. You get fit after pain.
‘Therapy & coaching is a mental workout. First, you need to motivate to go to the gym.
Then you get yourself to attend your first proper training. There you tear your muscles. You feel achy and in pain.
 But it is the pain which shows how your muscles then regrow in a bigger size.
You need to keep going and going – then one day, you realize your results have happened.’ 

So what makes the idea of ‘Growth’ work?
Traditional Psychological therapy deals with mental health issues.
Pure Coaching champions a person’s full potential.
Growth work is a blend of both. And WE COMMIT to making Growth work. 

We sensitively console, challenge and collaborate with clients and patients on mastering their own own minds, taking their own actions and moving their LIFE foward.
Sometimes we really need that respectful and safe space to let out our emotions; sometimes we do need some knock-knock to turn our step from 0 to 1.

Here at Corimus, you learn to swing between the past and the future, and you will swing well. We walk this transformative journey with you; and we are more than a companion.

Don’t Hesitate. Take your Transformation Now.


I am a strong believer of Growth.
I help individuals develop self-awareness and own potential,
such that they find their own answers to make transformative changes.
I understand change does not happen overnight. I accompany individuals on overcoming stuckness, resistance & self-doubts.
I also sensitively address systemic & cultural influences to ensure clients get to take actions which are realistic, manageable and sustainable.

Dr. Tiffany Leung