Our Story

Our Vision is to Connect all individuals & groups by
Creating a Caring & Compassionate Community.


We are a bilingual mental health service in Manchester, the UK – the hub where all cultures meet!(about corimus)
Our work addresses the hidden and unspoken mental health stigma among individuals to promote a more connected and caring community. 
We devote to empower everyone to openly talk about and care for their psychological wellbeing, the others and our environment.

Our services is run by UK accredited psychologist with multicultural experiences. Promoting diversity and equality is at the heart of Corimus’ ambition. We advocate all individuals from different sociocultural backgrounds access our services feeling ‘at home’.
We are based in Manchester (England), but also run services online to allow individuals across the globe to connect with our services instantly, freely and securely.

How Corimus Started

Initially Corimus was set up as a personal blog back in year 2012. That time Tiffany Leung simply wanted to fulfill her personal interest in writing about inspirational content; and then she always thought Corimus would always be ‘just a personal interest’!
During the ‘first wave’ of the COVID pandemic outbreak (in 2019), Tiffany was working as a frontliner in the NHS. Witnessing tremendous trauma and the increasing mental health needs, she realized she needed to ‘take action’ to DO SOMETHING to put forward her own vision –

‘Mental health is no longer an advocacy. It sits in the Mainstream.’

This was how Tiffany launched Corimus professional service, and by year 2021, Corimus prides itself as a ‘professional & compassionate’ bilingual mental health practice. It particularly attracts bicultural, ESEA (East & SouthEastern Asian) and Chinese clients who wish to gain support from those who understand the complexity of their cultural roots. 

When developing Corimus, Tiffany is keen to reflect on sociocultural questions which link to the existing service gaps –
‘What is the turning point for people to seek for support (/help the others)?’
‘What makes the majority of people stay silent and do not come forward?’
‘What do people ‘really’ know about mental health and psychological support?’

Priorities of Corimus 

Corimus’ Priorities are realistic & practical, with a strong focus to link mental health with Corimus’ core values of inclusivity, equality,  responsibility and sustainability:

a) we deliver a compassionate and professional frontline service to respond to mental health needs by different walks of life;

b) we produce online content on social media and blog to increase open access to mental health service; integrate mental health with the mainstream culture;

c) we advice and consult organizations/settings to channel psychological expertise to the wider impacts on policy, practice and education 

Challenges & Hope

Development of such work is not without limitations and challenges.
The traditional idea of a psychological/mental health service is that         “expertises sit in the office and depend on individuals to ask for support”; or that an expert prioritizes building her/his reputation and clinical professionalism.

Corimus hopes to break this tradition by championing its success from leaving social footprints of development and growth: whether individuals return to their lives and make an actual growth in their own lifestyles and relationships.
In this case, mental health is a real community project which requires a proactive, consistent and persistent approach