Our Spiritual Health is Important Too

Our Spiritual Health is Important Too

Physical_Spiritual_May 17 2015

There are different kinds of physical pains and limitations. Some are the undeserved intolerable physical suffering that we wish we could avoid. The leg breakage from the car accident, the chemotherapy, and the suffocation in drowning. They are hard to confront and requires the long patience for the alleviation if no disappearance.

I recall one time as I was having physiotherapy in a local hospital, in which I witnessed a young lady wail as she was doing simple ankle exercise. I did not know what injury the lady once had, yet I could not help but wonder how much pain the lady had for her to cry out loud in even the slightest movement.

And also there are the happenings in heart. Same as confronting the thousands diseases/physical hardships, we have the countless psychological/emotional bearing. I believe the power of human uniqueness in mind which creates the different subjective experiences, and so also the increasingly diverse problems. Some of them are temporary, yet some seems long-lasting, with the destruction often returning unnoticed-ly, sneaking up on us.

A mother slowly speaks out her long lost happiness, as every laugh, every playful interaction within the families reminds her her child son’s death.

Another woman experienced panic attacks, and through counseling she reconnected with her traumatic experience of witnessing her friend’s attempted suicide.

In these few days I have been thinking about my physical injury caused by racial discrimination and assault, and then the long and difficult recovery. After near a year, the wound is left with a deep colored scar, and the near unnoticeable pain and limp in walking/jogging. Yet the innerness is never cured. There have been certain moments while I without awareness project my anger towards the others, and I constantly work on the longstanding guilt towards my family for the hard and effortful care and sacrifice.

I write the lines as thinking about all the people who have undergone the heavy physical and inner-heart suffering. This sharing is directly for all these people. All of us. Sometimes people may notice and empathize with the physical damage. Yet for the spirit, often the understanding gradually sinks after sometime, and replaced is the expectation that one shall get over it. Yet the unnoticed psychological burden is often the longest battle.

And thus the thought comes to me, that we shall never be shameful to voice out our physical pain, as much as our never-seem-to-disappear psychological wound.

I say that we ought to maintain our physical health, as much as our spirit. The physical suffering is hard to handle, and often incurable. Same as the spiritual self. Those under emotional hardship or worse, can never leave the darkness of damage, until the next breakdown. And therefore like one who often exercises to maintain the physical health, we shall also constantly attend to our spiritual growth, to regulate it, to heal it, to nurture it.

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