Openness in Heart

Openness in Heart

Life is Beautiful_Jan 18 2015

“Life is Beautiful. Just Open Our Hearts, and Embrace It.”    -Tiffany Leung

At young, I have repeatedly come across with the word “openness” at school or in training, as most educators and mentors stressed the importance of “openness” for a bright and successful future. I was introduced to the different means to enhancing own openness, from the fundamental academic learning for the increasing knowledge, the exchange experiences for the increasing cultural and social diversity exposure, to facing adversity and challenges for the increasing tolerance.

So much we need to open ourselves to, as we ought to. The development of the societies, notably science and technology, penetrates the communication barriers, and so as the expansion of the learning demands. While we can easily travel between countries, instantly interact with the others across the globe, gradually we realize the obligations to understand the different languages and cultures, and learn to accept them. Particularly as we live in a materialistic and free-will leading world, openness has been more identified as a skill/strength one must have before success.

Perhaps that is how we begin to perceive the “openness” concept from in terms of exploration, curiosity, anticipation, to burden, responsibility, and competition. As an adult I am often surprised, that we seem to work hard to be the equipped and opened individuals, only to find us acting in ways reflecting how closed up we have become. We witness and also experience the never-ending conflicts between the different races and ethnities, religions and beliefs, languages and thinking, cultures and practices, because we see no ways for us to simply embrace the differences and unfamiliar.

I wonder if they are the confronting hardships and challenges which let us react with defense or protection, or we are never opening our hearts willingly and naturally in the first place. We are not as eager to meet all kinds of differences, yet we are bound to face them. We perhaps have not yet settled within the own space, and are already overwhelmed by the lot more incoming new.

If we keep on seeing the deeds of openness as a responsibility and an attaining goal, then we can never find the ending point. Afterall our world is huge and complex. No one can understand the whole of it with sole self, only often more caught up by own limitations.

Or we go back to the simple way of seeing the world.
Use our hearts instead of our minds.
Feel instead of think.

Starting from little by little, we re-experience the bits of beauty of our world.
We see the world as how beautiful it is.
Our hearts are in comfort, and we gradually willingly open ourselves.
Our lives are beautiful. We open our hearts, and we just embrace such wonders of life.

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