Opened Sky in Hong Kong

Opened Sky in Hong Kong


Yesterday I experienced a busy and exhausting day, which probably led to my subjective feelings of chaos and disorganization as seeing the disperse clouds from the sky.

After a night sleep, I woke up with recovery and recharge. I recalled the memories of yesterday again, and I found the most vivid ones as the meaningful interactions with the college students who brought me warmth, inspiration and love.

If I only stay fixated with the chaotic and exhausting moments, I would probably have just felt moody and lost. On the other hand, I take a step back and attempt to reflect on the day as a whole – the day with the happy as well as the sad bits.  This photo was taken by me as the whole view from the window, and I experience the different feeling of wholeness from it rather than the singular perspective of the upper sky view.

My day hasn’t been that bad after all. It was a colorful and wholesome.

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