On the Way to Guangdong, China

On the Way to Guangdong, China


I was in a few days trip to Guangdong, China recently, and was mesmerized by many of the beautiful views I rarely saw in many other places I have visited before.

This photo was taken when I crossed the Hong kong border to the Mainland China. Within a few seconds I could no longer reach the major international sites. Thus this is a few days delayed update of sharing.

I find it an interesting evidence of information and media control which I rarely experience. I continue to be amazed by how one lives in a world under the absolute running and control by the government, even in the smallest way. I wonder how these people are as growing up under the control and knowing there are things they are forbidden to see. I wonder how we actually meet

So close, and so far apart. Many borders in the world have such powerful influence on separating the people – the Berlin wall in the past, the border between North and South Korea, and thousands of mexicans desperate to break the immigration border into the US…

For me, we shall not turn away because of the existing hurdle, and hence the further widening human gap, but we ought to cross it, and seek to understand and listen.

After all, we belong to the same human race.

I hope to share more the beautiful scenaries in Guangdong later.

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