On Spontaneity: the Musical Moment

On Spontaneity: the Musical Moment


The Spontaneous Musical Moment.

I was doing piano practice today and there was this moment when I truly enjoyed my hands moving between the notes.

I was not actually fluent in the song. I hit a number of wrong notes, and paused from time to time to search for where my hands should be placed.

However, I went on playing the song with enjoyment, calmness and patience. That was when THAT moment came – I realized I was enjoying myself. Disregarding the demands for good playing, my potential growing boredom of the repeated playing, I was just within the moment allowing myself to where I go.

Only when we take a step out to enter the process, then we let spontaneity take over us, and leads us to the beautiful findings and explorations.
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  1. The music of life comes from the heart. It enjoys positive emotions. Spontaneity gives us the freedom to enjoy more of our small movements: a kiss, a hug, a smile, dance, words that give energy, strength, courage, hope, peace, self-confidence, the movement of our fingers. Not our movement, but the pleasure we give ourselves and others with our movement determines the value of our existence. Spontaneous enjoy the music of our lives is a journey of discovery in which our creativity can find harmony and balance sheet and notes for a new track.

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