On Facing Rejection

On Facing Rejection


When you are rejected by someone, or get turned down at work, application, may this sharing I have written relate to you –

“Rejection does not beat me down.
Or shut my power.

My fire may start to dwindle,

yet I bear in mind
never to lose myself.

My greater willpower reminds me to keep on

trying, trying and trying.
I am a shining star, and I just have to keep on shining.”

I love this quote I have come across online, that

“Rejection is the sand in the oyster, the irritant that ultimately produces a pearl.”         Burke Wilkinson

Indeed we fear rejection, and inevitably we are shaken and beaten by it when it really comes. Yet it is the real process we come across in life. It is our learning journey we must take on.

The tough battle is often not fearing rejection itself, but admitting it. It is our greater inner fear and vulnerability which hinder us from facing failure and pain.

Yes. We are never that strong. Without setbacks, our inner strength is without resilience in the first place. There must be negativity in life which helps us gain positivity.

So let us simply accept rejection to be a stronger person.

When the door is closed, there is another greater open door, and we take this opportunity to re-direct ourselves to it.

And surely we have got someone to talk to. Find our families and friends, or even people you trust at work or in the neighborhood.

The online community is a growing support place for us to talk about it. One of the biggest hopes as I started my blog is that I can bring a bit of empowerment to people via writing, and also help stimulate the good space that we can share about our difficulties and struggles.

It is ok to have rejection.

As long as we attend to it, take good care of ourselves, it is our great lesson in life.

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