On Facing Failure

On Facing Failure

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“Failure is not the end, rather the stimulating poke for your greater jump in the next round.You are not a failure. You are not weak. Because you learn to face and overcome the uncontrollable emotions, reflect and learn from mistakes.  And so then you dare to stand up again with the stronger stance, the bigger heart.”

It is true that we are on our own in facing the negativity – frustration, sadness, fear, anxiety, resentment, disappointment…all these emotions are wrapped up within the surface of failure, and we are easily scared off by the term.

However, it does make a difference as we gain a bit of courage on facing it. Because it is not the end of everything. It does not define us.
Rather it is the tool on our growth and advancement.
If we learn to face it, it is a meaningful encounter in our lives.

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