No More War

No More War

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There are a group of good and bad people.

They all need your help, and it is a matter of life crisis.

You want to help the good ones, but you do not want to let the bad people manipulate your help and in return hurt you.

Yet these people are all in the same group. You cannot really tell who is the good or bad one. And so, here comes the question, “Should I save all of them, or not save anyone?”

If we save all the people, we are vulnerable to the potential risk of damage and it would look like we ask for it.

Or we do not save anyone, but then we ask ourselves, who gets to decide who to be saved, and who doesn’t? One innocent life is a life, and shouldn’t we do whatever we can even it is just one life?

This is what is happening in Syria. Innocent people are dying, and the European borders are tightened, and more bombs are thrown to the Syrian land.

I am deeply saddened by the French government to quickly set foot onto the no-returning path of revenge. Is war the only way to solution? Is it morally right as we decide who to save, who not to? Can combating evil be the reason that we are allowed to regard the innocent civilians as collateral damage?

I just came across a quote (Martin Luther King) which says,

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

Only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate,

Only love can do that.

Hate against hate never solves anything. Only peace can.

Intensification of the military campaign should be stopped.

I hope everyone can give their voice out to urge for WORLD PEACE.

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