News – Mexico student protest tour begins

News – Mexico student protest tour begins

Mexico student protest tour begins

Pray for the Mexican students and their worried closed ones. Prayer is also especially for all those in Mexico who witness the tragic event of own country, and are forced to be confronted with the brutal reality of the ignorant government and non-humanistic police actions.

I cannot imagine the anger and overwhelming pain of the parents who still live under the fragile and faint hope of their sons/daughters’ survival.

I cannot imagine the blissful moment of life and death those teachers and students encountered just during the bus journey.

I think of the Mexican youngsters who grow up only to realize their future upon e government which is originally in function of protecting the whole country.

I think of many in Mexico who are left with the deep and buried fear of safety and security living in own homeland.

I reflect on own safety in my home city, Hong Kong, particularly during the ongoing Occupy Central activity. I come across with many who feel “hopeless” for the city’s future and condemned the ruler’s constrain on freedom. Yet we are already the fortunate ones. While we look down on the homeland’s insufficiency in practicing democracy, the other country in the South America continent is facing life and death matter for disobeying the ruler.

Shouldn’t we be grateful of what we have taken for granted?

I hope I carry this sense of responsibility, to be aware of such happenings, to speak out my understanding.

I share my heartfelt thoughts with you, and may they connect with yours.

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