My new collaborative blog with another psychologist!

My new collaborative blog with another psychologist!

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I am happy to share about my new blog established with another colleague of mine, Nancy Leaver who is also a counseling psychologist in training. Basically we two bonded with our mutual interests on social justice and inequality, and via our conversations we recognized that both want to articulate own/others’ voices as therapists/practitioners/psychologists (see our elaborate account –

We want to articulate more voices/narratives on addressing oppression, injustice and inequality, especially from our personal accounts as mental health professionals. That’s how we came up with the idea of blog – Feisty Therapists. We do not want to be silent anymore. Suppress no more. We want actions and changes by breaking walls.

So now I am very happy to present our first story which was based on Nancy’s personal experience in relation to workplace bullying – in the NHS, England. For those who may not know the UK system, NHS stands for National Health Service, and is the biggest and the oldest publicly funded UK healthcare system including 1.4 billion employees. It is well known as the public sector providing the most comprehensive, universal and free services to the residing citizens. Working as a CBT therapist in a localized mental health unit, Nancy experienced long period of bullying during and after her employment, even during her struggle to challenge against the system. We decided to capture her experiences into a story, and it will be shared out as a series.

We hope that by advocating the experiences, more voices can be articulated, power can be gathered, and changes and actions can proceed.

Intro of our first story –

I hope you may take time to read it, and I welcome you to engage in any conversations and even just show a bit of your support in advocacy and social justice!

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