Memories by Ant

Sep 21, 2020

Memories by Ant

Hong Kong people led a relatively simple life back in the 1970s.  Television was an important part for many households. Watching TV series was many people’s favorite pastime activity. They portray inspiring stories of the lively human encounters and relationships in Hong Kong. Many theme songs from the TV series also captivated many people’s hearts.

One of the inspirational dramas ‘Bright Future’ was about a story of three fledgling young men. They experienced various life setbacks and difficulties after entering workforce. Supporting each other, these young men manifested sincere friendship and enormous courage in grave difficulties.

I was a student when I first listened to the theme song of ‘Bright Future’.  It was a nice song to me at the time but I could not fully relate to its meaning. After I stepped into the workforce, I experienced a series of setbacks. I was inspired whenever I listened to this song. I am now very far from my youth now, but I continue to be inspired by the song. When I sing, I imagine myself as standing beside the protagonists of the drama who were watching the spectacular sunset scene.  Though feeling stuck, they were also determined. The sun would rise again; we would never give up. 

There are many ups and downs across everyone’s different stages of life.  Sometimes we are on the horns of a dilemma and are unsure what to do. With the encouragement and support, we have the courage to move on.

From blog: Voices from the Heart

The theme song of  ‘Bright Future’:

Lyrics by: Jimmy Lo

Song Written by : ogura kei
orchestral arrangement : Peter Kam
Translation(English lyrics) by : ANT
斜陽裡 氣魄更壯 斜陽落下 心中不必驚慌
The sunset is spectacular, we don’t need to be dreaded by the coming darkness
we have hope that the sun will rise again
互助互勵又互勉 那怕去到遠遠那方
We encourage and support each other, no matter where we go
前程盡願望 自命百煉鋼
The future is bright, we get great perseverance
淚下抹乾 敢抵抗高山 攀過望遠方
We wipe our tears, climb the mountain and see the distant view
小小苦楚等於激勵 等於苦海翻細浪
Small pain triggers courage, like how waves are caused by the breeze
藉著毅力 恃我志氣 總要步步前望
With perseverance and courage, we walk forward step by step.


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