Love of Home – A Song to Share

Love of Home – A Song to Share

Hong Kong
Recently I have listened to a song which beautifully postulates the beautiful city of mine – Hong Kong. (Lyrics –

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city with a typical hustle and bustle image to the visitors as well as the locals. Yet despite the busy and fast paced moden surface, the city is home to the 7 million people. Home, a wonderful and invaluable foundation of one’s living, and the source of many fond memories, and small bits of warmth.

The song has put the lens to not the successful and reputated side, rather the traditional and ordinary scenes of the everyday life. Yet it is the small which sends me the sensations. They directly relate to my growth, development, into part of who I am today. Reading between lines I feel the resonance of feelings shared by the song writer.

“就算生活超重 煩憂失控
Our lives are burdened, the worries go out of control
環看四周小胡同 是窩心的觸碰
Between the surrounding neighborhood lies the beginning of our warm interactions…”

I have taken time translate the Chinese lyrics into English, hoping that you can view not the glorious, yet the small and inspirational bits of the Hong Kong City. Let us take time to taste the meaning of the lyrics.
What is your home like? Any small and beautiful things you may experience each day?

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