Love Never Leaves Us

Love Never Leaves Us


From simply taking our loved ones for granted at young, we often go through a hard lesson to realize the invaluable value of love.

Innocent as children, we open our arms and receive whatever comes to us.

Then we grow up and start to realize our loved ones’ limited physicality.

Losing our loved ones is an inevitable process in our lives – our grandparents & parents, aunties & uncles, siblings & cousins, etc.

Accidents. Terminal illness. Aging.

They forever sabotage our loved ones’ powerful images we recall in the memories.

The love they give us cannot be always the same. There is a time that they permanently leave us.

By that time, whether we are still close with each other, or we are already grown apart, we are equally fearful of the separation of the loved ones from us in this world.

We fight to maintain this love.

We begin to give back.

We learn to treasure everything shared between us from the big to small things.

We revisit the memories together, counting the bits of happiness, laughter, tears shared.

Or sometimes the fear of losing our loved ones can be so huge, that we just simply avoid the person.

We have thousands of excuses not to pay a visit,

Or we are preoccupied by the different possible treatments and solutions, instead of simply stay with the person and say “I love you”.

Our loved ones still leave us someday, and we grieve deeply.

Time is a great healer, yet at times it still hurts as hell when we think of them.

And yet we know that their love never leaves us. There is still a great part of the person within our hearts, and we continue to move on with such inner power.

This is their love for us, the transcendence of physical presence to the long-lasting emotional, spiritual power.

This is love.

This is about growing up.

This is about being loved, and learning to love someone.
We love the others like how we are loved, and we pass along the beautiful message of love.

Someday we will also leave this world, and our love will leave a mark in someone else’s hearts.

This is the circle of life.

This is the circle of love, and it stays forever.
In process of bereavement and grief, we get in touch with the love our loved ones have placed in our hearts.

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P.S. This post is written in memory of my grandma who I love dearly, and also dedicated to my auntie who is currently in battle with Herpes Simplex Encephalitis.

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