Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

Love_Never Dies Aug 13 2014

For the past few days I have been writing on the topic of love.

I quoted the love verses written in the Bible, on 1 Corinthians 13:4 – 8.

It was a long phrase and has touched many sides of what love is – patient, kind, no envy, no boast…

I asked myself, what are these elements like in the world of love? I intended to explore more on each element separately to gain the deeper sense of what love really is like. This follows with my consequent quote boards and the elaborated sharing.

I went through the single factor of love one by one – some of them in which I immediately related to and conveyed in words; some which I paused for days to digest the deeper meaning, and arrived at the unlocked door to the beautiful exploratory garden. All of them form the richly layered and multidimensional concept of love in front of me.

Now as coming to the last phrase of the love quote, I feel an urge rises in me, telling me to re-visit my learning journey of love. I find that the length and depth of my sharing has been progressively increasing. Thoughts flow in line with the natural expression of my feelings. I gradually become more in touch with the authenticity of being, which leads to compassion, genuineness, awareness and optimism. 

The journey of love. Through understanding, I grew in knowledge, as well as in spirit of love. At this moment I ask myself, “How can love die?”

How can love die.

Love is the learning journey of life.

It lies within the smallest bit of encountering moment – a laugh, a word, a touch, or the scent of aura.

Everything constitutes as the building block of the foundation of us.

Us with love.

As long as we breathe, we speak, or we feel, love is always around us. 

Let us continue to walk on this growing and empowering journey of love.

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