Love me Less, Love me Longer.

Love me Less, Love me Longer.

The moment we fall in love

There is this overwhelming feeling around us.

Sparkling, Sensual, Addictive.

We look at each other’s eyes

And find our life destination.

(Tiffany Leung)

Then time goes by, so as the overwhelming.

Over the gone passion is the plainness of reality.

Colorless, Ordinary, unexciting.

There seems to be a missing piece in the relationship

And replaced is the planted seed of uncertainty.

(Tiffany Leung)

And that is when we start to see the flaws

as rising dissatisfaction takes over us.

Annoyed. Angry. Upset.

We silently let things and people stand between us

and distance continues to draw us apart.

(Tiffany Leung)

We fear for the pain and hurt caused by the other.

Yet what more fearful is our own fear of what we become.

We grieve over the past stimulating days

and that further leads to our resentment

of the mess we are in.

(Tiffany Leung)

Our own protective shells push us to the edge of connection

until we reach the point of separation.

We believe that our love is gone.

Is love gone?

Is love gone?

(Tiffany Leung)

Many days may pass

and the question stays unresolved.

If our love had stayed longer.

Not strong.

But Longer.

– Tiffany Leung

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