Love, love, love

Love, love, love


“Where there is love there is life. ” Mahatma  Gandhi
Love is a simple and complicated thing.
No one can deny the simplicity of love.
The beginning of our lives already reflects the greatest motherly love. No matter how our parents have been, our birth marks the evidence of the long and hard 9 months of pregnancy, and the painful labor.

In happiness, we declare our love in the thousands ways of gesture. From the big acts of support, materialistic presents, or poetic stories, to a small touch, a smile, or simply three words I Love You.
Love, can be just simple as that.

Or those who have experienced the hardships, conflicts and separation find love such a difficult thing. I have recently encountered a person from my working place, who broken down in tears for her loved one’s cancer diagnosis. The realization of her loved one’s separation from her in any minute terrified her greatly.

The stronger we love, the harder it is for us to let go. The truth is, it is not the complicated love which disables us from letting go; we just do not want to do so. We are soaked within the sensational feelings, and cling onto the seemingly power from the sense of belief. Love becomes thin strings of fiber we wrap around ourselves, until it turns to the cocoon of larva, blocking us from the facets of reality. Until we find strength to break free and turn to the bright hopeful sunlight.

Simple and complicated, love pours the meaning of our lives. It gives options, as well as generates problems and concerns. And they all become the evidence of our uniqueness in love.

In whatever experiences we are in, we can always find, build and strengthen love. With hope, we open ourselves and walk on the trusting journey of love. 

Let us begin the week with love.

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