Love Is Not Self-Seeking.

Love Is Not Self-Seeking.

Love_self-seeking_Jul 23 2014

A relationship begins with “I” – I want to enter a relationship, I am interested in/into you, I think he/she can give me…

Then slowly we connect and bond. We begin to step into the other’s world without self-advantage. We feel what it is like being the other person.

We increasingly let the other person involve in our lives. We share the moments, and we expect them to occur as well in the future.

Therefore, it is not about “I” anymore.

Our thinking turns to “Us” – We need to build a family. We need to pay the bill. We need to visit mother/father…

Every decision of I becomes a linkage with our decision. Yet painfully we seem not to be independent anymore, we are secured with the most solid and safe foundation of relationship.

Once a paint is added with another color, the original color is forever changed.

So is love in our hearts.

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