Love Does Not Proud

Love Does Not Proud

Love_Proud_Jul 19 2014

I find that being proud is like one being on stage.

It is common knowledge that one is required to put on makeup before performing on the stage, as the brightness of light can blur the sharpness of the facial features.

It is not just the appearance which is masked. Our behavior become exaggerated, our voices become louder as we hope every audience can pay attention to us.

On stage we can never be equal with the others. This is what pride does to our relationship. Pride sets the hierarchical distance between one and another. We are blinded by the light in ways that we cannot clearly see the audience anymore. We become only focused on our own perfect and best acts. The stage makes us appear higher than the audience. We seem to be the “star”, yet the fear, insecurity and anxiety we face is larger than we expect.

Only love brings us back to the equal relationship. We look at each others’ eyes, and see the pure spirit in there.

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