Love Does not Delight with Evil, but Rejoices with the Truth.

Love Does not Delight with Evil, but Rejoices with the Truth.

Love_Evil Truth Aug 10 2014

Reading the phrase – “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth”, I thought for days on its meaning, and hesitated on its relation to my understanding of love. I would love to share with you my thinking journey.

Thinking about love, I usually seek and treasure love for its beauty, realness, its empowerment, that I would learn and grow. Yet as I face in front of the phrase that reveals love as frowning at “evil”, there is the immediate sense of heaviness, burden and guilt swept over me.

The phrase is in a rather a clear stance that love does not take side with evil – the wrong, the fault; it rather agrees with the truth of goodness.

The first thought which came to me was that, “it does not sound right. Love is supposed to embrace both the good and bad. If not how can love be unbiased and beautiful?”

It is indeed true of the polarizing distance between good and bad, evil and truth, yet isn’t love great enough to embrace both sides, and transcends the limits between the two extreme places? 

I remain with my struggle and question for days, and slowly I come into terms with the even more apparent fact in front of me: the source of my rejection – my fear, insecurity and avoidance. I am fearful of such “absolute and sinless” truth, for I am a person with flaws, with mistakes, with sins. How can I deserve love if Love does not welcome evil?


Then I looked around. I listened to the conflicts, accidents and burnouts between the individuals. There is much about who’s done the right/wrong, and who’s stuck in anger and not letting go in forgiveness. All relationships seem to be stumbled and muddled in the contradictions between the clear cut right/wrong and embracing the both. 

This is the interesting human nature. At certain points, we are fixated on who’s right and who’s wrong, and make a fuss about it; On the other hand we claim the ultimate power of forgiveness and acceptance of everyone’s dark side as we are down and weak.

That is perhaps the constant struggle between our ego and vulnerability. We are afraid of the rules, and the restrain set onto us because we can be perfect to fix in them in the first place. Yet at same time we are obsessed in it because it helps us define others’ good/wrong, and helps protect ourselves from the others.

We are certainly the complicate beings. Yet it does not mean taking the absolute true standards away would do us good. Without the solid line separately between evil and the truth, without love’s sticking with the truth, also gone would be without the sense of security from pure goodness.

As much as we are fearful of love’s taking sides of pure goodness, and not the dark, we are equally comforted and secured with such pure goodness. Without it we are further lost and left with no place.

It is not about our fear and insecurity which shall define love’s nature. We are never perfect, and we can never be perfect. And love, the never changing, and always true nature is the source of protection and security, and it continues to guide us towards such direction.

And through it we come to the journey of growth and empowerment.

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