Love And Trust

Feb 20, 2019

Love And Trust

It feels good to be able to love someone.
And people often say,
‘Love ourselves before loving the others.’

Certainly the statement is not telling us to always put ourselves first.
The thing is,
we all carry our own baggage when we meet another person.
Rarely do the others know what our baggage is, or do we know what we are carrying ourselves?

It does take time for us to process our past –
joy, sadness, pain, hurt and even some trauma.
Our experiences do affect how we meet another person and form another relationship.

Trust is a big word,
but it is necessary we learn to trust.
Trusting ourselves can be more difficult than trusting the others.
Trust ourselves that we can open up.
Trust ourselves that we can show vulnerability.
Trust ourselves that negativity is part of the process in the relationship.

It does take time, but is possible we gradually put down the ‘I’,
and put more the word ‘we’.

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4 Comments for “Love And Trust”
  1. Yes, it definitely feels wonderful to love someone. It also feels super to be part of a “We” relationship. You have to love yourself 1st, I believe, In order to pull it off. You also have to understand the responsibility that trust brings to or lack of takes away from relationships. We as humans were put here to be part of each other’s lives. How else can we learn and grow? How else can we feel nurtured? We all deserve to be loved, but that love has to be earned, doesn’t it? When it is, it feels REALLY good!

    1. Love what you shared @sparkyjen. Yes love is natural but it definitely needs a work out. A continuous one. It is about give and take, and recognizing how loving ourselves can constructively lead to loving the others. And there is a balance to it 🙂

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