Love Always Perseveres

Love Always Perseveres

Love_perseveres_Jul 31 2014

Love is like wine.

At fresh, the drink is juicy sweet with the natural flavors.

Yet if we keeps it longer, add with the proper ingredients and rooming conditions, natural change occurs inside the drink, as the fruits are converted into alcohol.

Yet the long wait is worthwhile – the top wine excels in quality, value, and rare availability.

Love is like the wine. We can enjoy the instant sweetness, or we are willing to prolong it for the even richer and more pleasing aroma, mouthfeel and taste.

And yet love also transcends the essence of wine. The longer wine is kept, the more delicate it becomes for the increasing challenge in maintaining the goodness of the drink. The wine needs to stay at the exact point for years once it begins the fermentation process. One condition wrong, the wine can turn to no more than an ordinary drink.

Yet Love endures heated ups, rains or storms. It indeed needs the drink to get outside the protective wine cellars, to experience the ups and downs, before the true values emerge. Without the scratches and dots of dirt, love is only the naïve reflection of the unrealistic perfection.

There is no turning back for the wine, yet there is for love, only if we allow ourselves to learn to love under the shower of perseverance.

It is great work, but it is worthwhile.

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