Live with the Small: On Gratefulness

Live with the Small: On Gratefulness

Since the injury at my ankle, I have not been able to move around with two feet. I rely on crutches, and often have to remain in bed for the avoidance of moving the ruptured tendons.

As I was waiting for my grandpa’s help with cooking my nutritious lunch, the sounds he made caused by the cooking and cleaning somehow penetrated my heart and gave me the strong and slightly overwhelming moving sensation. A procedure of cooking. One word. One second thought on my mind. Yet the acting out of it is much more than that. Which involves cleaning the dirty of the vegetables. Chopping the garlic and ginger. Heating the wok. Cleaning the kitchen utensils. Then carrying the heavy bowl of dish to my home. And then he does the same procedure again for a new dish.

gratefulness This thinking causes the emotional reflection on my grandpa a beautiful person. And this has also caused me to begin reflecting on the supportive acts from the many others throughout these days.

I have been receiving, with a grateful heart, the blessings and kind words from many people. Some shows the meticulous care and concern for me. On one hand I receive it with delightfulness, and on the other hand I am slightly troubled with the thinking that my issue has caused trouble to the other people.

I think of these people. Some who have approached me in the first few days for their concerns. Some who have continuously reached me for the first few days to receive updates of my recovery. Some who still give me the distant yet regular asking about my recovery. Some who do not know me, yet send me blessings through the common acquaintance.

My mind is dwelled with the thinking of very few people who still intend to give me the small yet daily support. Such small things that may not be of my concern in my normal living, yet seem so big and perhaps even impossible to me now.

Like handing over a towel for me.

Like doing the simple cooking for me.

Like helping me boil the water.

Like helping me post a letter.

My heart is filled with such flooding warmth with the emergence of these small beautiful things across my current writing.

Big things can be impressive and stunningly significant in my life. However, what have supported me the most are the compiling adding of the small things.

It reminds me of what I wrote in the previous writing about the nature. We are connected with the nature with the simplest and most natural ways. All the small things we usually take for granted – the glorious sunshine, a drop of water, the scent of flowers, the air we breathe in…They all surround us in the most unnoticeable ways.

That, is the simplest evidence of life.

And we human beings are in such interesting relationship with the nature. We are so dependent on nature, yet it is often insignificant in our living understanding. We pass by the tree with ignorance, while it gives us the invaluable oxygen. We mindlessly grab a glass of water, while it has given us the basic life energy. We walk in laughs with peers under sunshine, while the sun gives us the irreplaceable source of nutrition.

And such signs of life resonate with the little beautiful small human acts. The small acts we usually receive without a blink of eye. A family meal we eat which is a product of at least an hour of cooking. A morning kiss received from our mum/dad reflecting the parental love. A kind note from friend for his/her care for us. Any these small acts we seem so comfortable to take in everyday, and they are the invaluable bits which shape us to the strong, courageous, lovingly individuals today.

And I believe that in our lives we must receive many of these small things. No matter who we are – rich or poor, male or female, white or Chinese or Black or Caucasian, religious or non-religious, healthy or ill, etc.

And therefore I believe we do not act out the gratefulness as we have to, or because it is the process we become a better person. I find it hard that we try to become grateful after the trying hard. It is throughout the process when we tend to The Small, then we naturally arrive at this beautiful moment of happiness and excitement which the beauty the small brings us. We put down our expectations and desires, as we return to the simplicity of heart, soul and spirit. And we begin to experience the world with the fresh and innocent mind and heart. That comes to the moment of gratefulness.

And for this I hope you complete reading my sharing with a bit of smile, and not just think, but also feel about the small things you receive in seconds, minutes, days, months, and years.

Be thankful, because we are blessed.


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