Life on Life

Jan 30, 2019

Life on Life

Life on Life.

Why do I love a particular place?
Is it because I am such a foodie that I crave for the freshly made local cuisine?
Or I just travel for fun and need to go somewhere for an escape?
Or it is an obligation as I maintain my loyalty to the home city and my family/social circle in it?

As a migrant, I have created another identity to settle in a new country.
Then I realize this second identity
conflicts with my first home identity,
and the resolution to this is that
I create a third hybrid identity.
And there is no end to this identity development.
I continue to change as I navigate in the everyday life, or
travel to a different place.

Sometimes I may feel separated from my home country and my first identity,
or I have lost touch with old friends and acquaintances who make me feel connected with the country.
The beautiful thing about life is,
relationships and connections do not end as people depart from a place.
People may disappear from sight,
but the heart remains.

Via meeting people, I am reminded that our lives are still connected.
We move on to navigate life while still believing in the connection and support built.
We continue to bring positive impact to each other via sharing.

Indeed relationships travel across distance and time.
At this time of writing I am ending my visit to Hong Kong and on my way back to the UK.
I depart Hong Kong this time with sadness
but also anticipation.
I look forward to the next meeting and our growth.

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