Lies block the Relationship

Lies block the Relationship

Lies_block_July 24 2014There was one time when I spotted a friend of mine who accidentally revealed her white lie to me.
She explained to me that she did not want to hurt me, thus she did so.
I felt she was ok, and thought nothing would come between us.
Then there was another time when similar circumstance happened, and suddenly the doubtful feeling rose in me.
What if she lied again? There was a moment that I looked at her and found her completely strange to me.
I could not trust her and face her with my usual attitude.

Friendship can easily change with a lie, even it is in good nature.
The love with much passion, trust and faith can be even more vulnerable to lies, which set as the wall between the two.
We may think we protect the other, or we truly just want to defend ourselves – either way can cause the deep separating line between the two.
And then we lose the chances of communication, of the loyal trust, or the moments of unexplainable bond.
We eventually cannot reach the other anymore.
Be aware of our lies in love.


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