Jogging Frees Our Minds

Jogging Frees Our Minds


Jogging is a very good way for us to attain physical fitness.

A jogging experience in a good environment can even add positivity in spirit.
I jogged by shore some days ago.  The sun was bright, and there were merely a handful of people working out as I did. As I slowly adapted the pace, I began to set my eyes on the surrounding – as I passed by a bridge, I saw in delight a small soil green frog near a bush. I considered taking a photo, but thought against it after deciding that I would rather keep the image on my mind.
I then looked up to admire the snow white 3D paint on top of the sea blue. I saw one mushroom shaped marshmallow float up from its comfort bed. I gave a big grin at the adorable scene.
I have in fact not jogged for half a year, which made the jogging experience harder than I expected. After half of the journey, my stomach screamed in soreness, and my pace decelerated. Thoughts faded out of my mind, with one simple phrase remained,
 “Keep on…Keep on…Keep on.”
I was however pleased with the so called emptiness of thought. Aren’t we often bombarded by the millions of things, and so pulled by the different directions. Hardly do we get the time when we can let go of the strains, and truly focus on one simple thought. In this jogging experience, I am exhausted in body, yet free on mind.
I completed the journey with satisfaction. I share this power of physical training experience with you.
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